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11 October 2009  |     mail this article   |     print   |  
Scientific proof of explosives in WTC on 9/11 - Prof. Niels Harrit interviewed by Daan de Wit
Listen to the interview

Related video: Former Prime Minister of Denmark knew the first tower was going to collapse! Who told him? - Aired on October 4th on DR2 between 2100 and 22.00 h, in part two of "24 hours we will never forget".
Related article: Top 10 Connections Between NIST and Nanothermite.
Niels Harrit [jpg]Professor Niels Harrit was being interviewed by Daan de Wit for DeepJournal, during the annual 9/11-meeting, this year in in Paris, 10 October 2009. Subject is the scientific research Harrit conducted. He and his team found residue from explosives in the rubble of the three WTC towers that collapsed on 9/11. The team found nano-thermite, a material used exclusively to bring down buildings in a controlled demolition. 

Listen to or download the interview


Also watch another interview with professor Harrit on Danish television.


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28 August 2012
Daan de Wit (DeepJournal) interviewt Webster Tarpley op het Magneetfestival
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