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6 March 2007  |     mail this article   |     print   |  
The growing fear of government for the citizen
A random collection of news articles
By Daan de Wit
The fear of Western governments for its citizes is growing and will keep on growing until it grows out of control. Read about it in this random collection of articles, too many to post seperately without turing DeepJournal into a website specialized in citizens rights. These rights are part of a larger spectrum DeepJournal will keep on reporting about.

* Your right to know - and how the State is trying to stop you
* Privacy Board OKs Eavesdropping Programs
* New Police Terror Posters Encourage Stasi UK

* The Pentagon Wants TiVo (to Watch You)
* New Profiling Program Raises Privacy Concerns
* Dutch initiative: snoop on your fellow citizens: BurgerNet
* Scientists try to predict intentions
* MI5 trains supermarket checkout staff

* Group alleges FBI abused wiretaps to spy on government officials
* Ministers clash over Labour's 'sinister' plans to fingerprint children


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12 September 2013  |  
Why is Syria under attack? - Part 4
When you peek below the surface, it becomes clear that Syria is under attack due to the interests of the parties involved. ‘Syria’ is about power, money, influence and energy.
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Why is Syria under attack? - 3
8 September 2013  |  
Why is Syria under attack? - Part 2
In the event of major military conflicts that risk considerable humanitarian and economic consequences, it is useful to examine the interests of all parties involved as well as the role that the media plays in reporting the events.
7 September 2013  |  
Why is Syria under attack? - Part 1
On the surface it’s straightforward: the U.S. wants to liberate Syria from a brutal dictator who is attacking his own people with poison gas. But beneath the surface there is something very different going on.
18 September 2012  |  
Liver flush - Geertje van der Burgh on How and Why
Until five years ago, she was often sick and suffered from all sorts of infections. In the course of researching these problems, she discovered a liver flush that ultimately cured her, improving her condition to a level better than it had ever been. Geertje van der Burgh on the how and why of the liver flush.
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