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29 May 2005  |     mail this article   |     print   |  
Report on first part Jimmy Walter 9/11 Eurotour
Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Madrid
The Re-Open 9/11 European Tour organized and publicized by American philanthropist Jimmy Walter – now approaching its halfway mark – has already scored a significant success in moving world public opinion on this issue. The tour, which kicked off in Amsterdam on May 18 and will end in Rome on June 9, takes two international teams of speakers, plus a documentary film program, to eight European cities in seven countries.

by Webster G. Tarpley

Among the participants are Canadian television producer and media critic Barrie Zwicker, French activist Thierry Meyssan, the president of the Réseau Voltaire, and leading Dutch 9/11 researcher Daan de Wit, who maintains the DeepJournalcom website. Joining them from the US are Twin Towers hero William Rodriguez, filmmaker Penny Little, lawyer Philip Berg (who is suing the Bush administration under the RICO statute), Kennedy assassination author Lisa Pease, 9/11 victim Rachel Hughes, and writers Chris Bollyn, Eric Hufschmidt, and Webster Tarpley.
[Lees ook dit verslag van de toespraken in Amsterdam van Webster Tarpley en DeepJournal. Plus het kernpunt van het 911boek van Tarpley].

In the kickoff press conference in Amsterdam on May 18, Jimmy Walter forecast that, because of the increasing political crisis of the Bush administration, as well as of the looming bankruptcy of the US government as well as of leading US companies like General Motors and Ford, we must reckon with new terrorist actions, prepared with the connivance of US government circles, before the end of this year. Dismissing the official 9/11 commission report as misleading and worthless, Walter called for the 9/11 investigation to be re-opened, with Europe playing a leading role in the creation of an International Truth Commission on the Events of September 11, 2001. Walter urged that every effort be made to get the International Truth Commission up and running this year.

Two evenings of intensive discussion in Amsterdam turned out a total of about 800 people. Dutch national radio and one of the main commercial television networks broadcast interviews with Jimmy Walter, with many press articles also being generated, in addition to the paid advertising which is going out in every city on the tour schedule. Daan de Wit, the most prominent Dutch 9/11 critic, endorsed the International Commission and urged the Dutch public to join this effort. The Berlin events drew about 200, with a strong presence of leading journalists like Juergen Elsaesser, along with 9/11 activists, many of whom committed to the organizing process for the International Truth Commission. The Berlin events were held at the Urania, the world’s oldest institution for popular scientific education. After the meetings, a group of veteran German activists set up an ad hoc Berlin committee to help organize the International Truth Commission.

The two Paris events drew about 550 people. The master of ceremonies for these events was Thierry Meyssan, who shortly after 9/11 published his landmark analysis that no commercial airliner had hit then Pentagon. Meyssan pointed out that as of now, the only countries in where the official Bush regime account of 9/11 is untouchable by the mass media are the US, UK, Israel, and France. He compared French intellectuals who refuse to challenge Bush’s 9/11 lies to the members of a French anti-fascist committee of 1936 who refused to accept clear evidence that the burning of the Berlin Reichstag in 1933 had been a provocation organized by the Nazis themselves. It was only around 1960 that academics accepted the truth about the Reichstag fire. Meyssan paid tribute to Jimmy Walter for helping to “free the world” from the likes of 9/11 with his worldwide public education campaigns.

Thierry Meyssan announced a conference to be sponsored by the Réseau Voltaire in Paris on November 4-5 of this year for the purpose of defending the concepts of international law and national sovereignty against the neocon unilateralist campaign, spearheaded by such figures as John Bolton, to destroy the United Nations. Meyssan expressed the hope that this conference would be attended by a broad range of intellectuals from 40 countries, for all of whom the real history of 9/11 remains an open question. “Résistons aux mensonges – n’acceptons pas les mensonges,” said Meyssan in concluding – “Let us fight the lies, don’t accept the lies.” The 9/11 story is false, Bush was never elected, the invasion of Afghanistan was a crime, there never were any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, he stressed.

The attendance at the Paris events was all the more remarkable because it coincided with the final phase of the binding French referendum on the draft European Union constitution, a repugnant document which would make oligarchy, free trade, and globalization the basic law of 25 countries. Mass mobilization in Paris is on the side of rejecting this document, while big money and big media are attempting to secure its approval in today’s vote. A June 1 advisory referendum in the Netherlands, also intersected by the tour, is also likely to reject the constitution.

In Madrid, Jimmy Walter is scheduled to meet on Tuesday May 31 with families of the victims of the March 11, 2004 train bombings in this city, which led to a mass mobilization of the Spanish people and against the politicians who sought to profit from these tragic events. Then the tour will move on the Vienna, a nodal point for European relations with the Middle East. In London and Manchester, the events are being built with the help of the main UK 9/11 activist groups, including Simon Aronowitz of Thought Crime News. The Rome meetings will be addressed by Maurizio Blondet, the Milan journalist who is the author of the main critical study 9/11 in Italian.

During 2004, Jimmy Walter spent $4.5 million on advertising critical of the official US 9/11 story, including over 2,000 TV spots in New York City. He commissioned the famous Zogby International poll of August 2004 which showed about half of New York City residents rejecting the official story. Walter’s DVD of the Manhattan Center 9/11 truth rally of September 11, 2004 is being offered free of charge through the website. A quarter million of these DVDs are being distributed. Walter has announced another 100,000 DVDs in the form of subtitled versions in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese.


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