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12 February 2005  |     mail this article   |     print   |   
Dick Cheney is Key to September 11th Mystery
Mike Rupperts book Crossing the Rubicon
By Daan de Wit
This article has been translated from Dutch into Enlish by Donovan de Vries.

For years DeepJournal has been reporting about the warnings given prior to September 11th. Now another page has been added with a report of the 9/11 Commission saying that the American aviation authority FAA received dozens of warnings before 911. Everyone should have been at the height of their attention, but still it was possible for September 11th to happen. Crucial to this were the war games being held that day and about which DeepJournal already wrote in October of 2003. In his voluminous book Crossing the Rubicon, author Mike Ruppert delves deeper into this. The following article summarizes the most important facts.

The list of warnings received beforehand keeps getting longer and longer. Now we have the warnings given to the FAA, but even the day before the attacks a report was published that said "that the [Al Qaida] network wants to strike within the United States itself." (See this DeepJournal). On the same day a statement of Mohammed Atta was intercepted in which he said: "Tomorrow is zero hour" and "The match is about to begin" (see this DeepJournal). A few months earlier the CIA was briefed about information intercepted by the Jordanian secret service concerning an imminent attack on the US using airplanes, code-named "The Big Wedding", writes the International Herald Tribune. In a match as well as a wedding there are two parties undertaking something together. What does this have to do with September 11th? Be that as it may, Mike ruppert is not pointing to Osama Bin Laden, but America's Vice-President Dick Cheney as the mastermind behind the tragedy that is September 11th.

DeepJournal misses interview with Mike Ruppert in LA
Mike Ruppert has grabbed ahold of an important piece of the puzzle of the as-yet-still-unexplained mystery that is September 11th. It is presented in his new book Crossing the Rubicon. Last December I was flown to Los Angeles by Japanese television to be interviewed for a documentary in which among other subjects, Skull & Bones and my documentary about them would be reviewed. I decided to use the opportunity to interview Mike Ruppert about his book. Prior to our meeting we had had contact with Ruppert's agent by phone and e-mail, referred to him by an enthusiastic Mike Ruppert. Once we were in LA, we had Ken Levine, Ruppert's agent on the phone, telling us that Ruppert just got back from giving the eulogy at the funeral of investigative journalist Gary Webb, the man that had published a part of the story on drug-smuggling by the CIA in the mainstream press (and commited suicide for unknown reasons while in the middle of a house move). I would be called back 'in a minute' by Levine who wanted to take us through the details about the exact time and location the interview would take place. I never heard from him again. Did something happen to Ruppert? That was not the case, it appeared later, but voice mails and e-mails to Levine did not give us a clue as to what did happen. He simply didn't contact me again... Hopefully in the future I will be able to interview Ruppert. Because whichever way you turn it, Ruppert is the most important researcher and publicist in the field of the alternative press. He checks all his facts and he suits the action to the word.

Mike Ruppert: Concentrate on the future and don't get stuck in the past
Important subjects like the dubious recent presidential elections (see this DeepJournal), even the subject of the mysteries surrounding the 11th of September -an important part of his book Crossing the Rubicon- Mike wants to leave behind, from the practical point of view of wanting to stay one step ahead of the future. Don't get stuck in the past, but pragmatically step forward into the future. An example of this could be heard in his speech on the 15th of January in Seattle at the university of Washington 'Mike told the crowd to be prepared for a tremendous devaluation of the dollar; that the housing boom is ending; that we should begin to look at putting our money, or whatever cash we have left, into precious metals; that we must rid ourselves of debt, get out of the stock market and begin to think about a more self-sufficient living style. We must reduce personal consumption. We should understand that OIL and natural gas are the governing issues that control what the present administration does and we should stop the pipedreams of launching criminal action against the Cheneys, Bushes, et al., because it just isn't going to happen. Not in this version of America.'

Summary of Rupperts most important points of the of September 11th
Because one thing does not necessarily exclude another, in this DaenSpeak we will delve deeper into one of the most important keys to the vault that contains the truth about 9/11. 'In an argument of over 600 pages and 1,000 footnotes, Crossing the Rubicon makes the case for official complicity within the U.S. government and names Dick Cheney as the prime suspect in the crimes of 9/11. Since the publication of this book (to which I had the privilege of contributing a chapter), many people have asked to hear the case against Cheney argued "short & sweet. There are 3 major points made within this book that are crucial to proving Cheney's guilt.", writes Michael Kane on Ruppert's website. Kane categorizes the three most important points under these headings: means, motive and opportunity.

1. Means
The means were in the hands of Vice-President Dick Cheney. On September 11th he was pulling the strings to shut down the United States air defences. Playing a critical role was the possibility for the Secret Service to monitor the radar screens of the aviation authority FAA in real time. In case of a crisis the secret service is highest in rank and at that time Cheney was in charge (read about the details in this DeepJournal). Therefore, he was the actual leader of the military forces, but one that was trying to render them inoperative. This has always been a difficult point for DeepJournal: how in heaven's name was it possible to shut down the automatic, all but invincible (air) defence system of the United States? In the past, there have been dozens of examples of airplanes that swayed from their flight path and were met by intimidating fighter jets in no time. On that crucical day though, nothing happed, time after time. We can hardly accuse the entire air force and all of its pilots of being complicit in this conspiracy. However, something had to be arranged to pull this stunt... How this was done, you can read below.

2. Motive
The most important motive was oil. The attacks of September 11th made it possible to call for wars that were intended to get important oil reserves into American hands. The energy problem that lies at the base of this can be summarized in the words Peak Oil (read the details about it in this DeepJournal). No one knew this any better than Dick Cheney. 'Four days after becoming Vice President, Dick Cheney convened his National Energy Policy Development Group (NEPDG) in which he received extensive information on Peak Oil from world-renowned experts. He has refused to release the documents from those hearings to Congress or the American people. FTW has always contended that the deepest, darkest secrets of 9/11 lie in those documents', writes Kane.

Also see our seven-part series on oil as a reason for the Bush-wars. More about Cheney's/NEPDG oil report also in this series also. Kane summarizes: 'The "war on terror" is in reality an energy war and 9/11 was its pretext.'  


3. Opportunity
The opportunity was created by the war games taking place that day, disabling the defences. It's like the exact moment the sirens are being set off on Monday afternoon for their monthly test, the Russians are invading... On September eleventh, five war games were running, Rupperts reveals on page 336 of his book. Drills that in some cases were simulating the situation that was taking place in reality at that moment. What went on that day was seen by those involved - all (air) defence services - as part of the exercises. False blips were being displayed on the radar screens of the FAA for this reason. Simultaneously, drills were being held using at least one airplane which was 'hijacked' as part of the simulation. In his book, Ruppert states his suspicion that this plane is actually a remote controlled Boeing. Read more about remote controlled aiplanes on September 11th in this DeepJournal.

When the exercises suddenly had to be cut short, the confusion had subsided (which of the blips were real and which ones were not?) and everyone had adapted to reality again, it appeared that as a result of the exercises, among other things, all fighter jets were too far away, in some cases over the sea, in Canada and Alaska, in effect rendering them useless. Read about the details in this DeepJournal in which we shed light on some of the war games.

Cheney was also the highest in command in Tripod II, a drill that was held around a command post that came in handy when coincidentally the catastrophies suddenly appeared to be real. Just as fortuitous was the fact that this command post happened to be an exact copy of the one that was in the WTC building number 7, which had collapsed at the same time (even though the building was not hit, read more about it in this DeepJournal). Kane: 'The Air Force war games ensured the air attack would be successful, and Tripod II assured Cheney would have control of the response to the crisis of his making.'


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