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26 January 2013
Julian Assange on new Hollywood attack on Iran and WikiLeaks: The Fifth Estate
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Julian Assange reads the opening scène from the a new Hollywood attack on Iran and WikiLeaks, the november 2013 release of the DreamWorks movie The Fifth Estate. In it Iran is made out as a country that is preparing a nuclear weapon. Assange explains why he considers this is propaganda against Iran and against WikiLeaks as he is portrayed in the movie as well. 

Later in the talk he also speaks about why and how the freedom of the internet is under fire.
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Julian Assange begins his address by saying that in 2007-08 he was looking at what was happening in Iran. He says that a lot of people did good work, especially Thomas Fingar in:

Trying to correct the movement towards war with Iran based on lies.

He says one of the worst modern deceptions of the western world happened only in 2003 where we went to war with Iraq based on lies where over 100, 000 people were killed and millions of Iraqi refugees displaced as a result.

In 2008 WikiLeaks published Iraq's classified rules of engagement for the US army. In those rules there was a section that permitted a border skirmish to start up that allowed US troops to go into Iran under a variety of circumstances. Because of the leak Iran held a press conference saying that in no way are the US allowed into their territory. After this a second rules of engagement was published omitting the border skirmish. Between 20% and 50% of all wars have started as a result of these border skirmishes. 45 hostile military bases surrounds Iran's borders, because of this there is a constant fear of being invaded making for a very tense atmosphere in the country. 

He makes the point that WikiLeaks is not against intelligence agencies but mentions that corruption within intelligence agencies is born out of secrecy.

Intelligence analysts mustn't be held responsible to the public through cultural bias but must be responsible to historical record.

He mentions the WikiLeaks movie saying that it's a mass propaganda attack against the WikiLeaks organisation, also it fans the flames for war on Iran as is demonstrated in the opening scene of the film that is read out by Assange who has the script. The movie shows Iran as having an active nuclear program when intelligence reports have revealed in high confidence that this is not the case.

Filmed on Wednesday 23rd January 2013

Known worldwide as the founder and public face of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange has made headlines across the world by exposing government misconduct. He has championed the principle of freedom of information, yet some have criticised his activities as reckless and dangerous. Under Assange's leadership, WikiLeaks has published innumerable classified diplomatic cables and played a crucial role in shaping the international political landscape. He is currently living as a fugitive in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London

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