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9 September 2013
Why is Syria under attack? - Part 4
‘Syria’ is about power, money, influence and energy
When you peek below the surface, it becomes clear that Syria is under attack due to the interests of the parties involved. ‘Syria’ is about power, money, influence and energy.
8 September 2013
Why is Syria under attack? - 3
Syria and Iran are like pieces on a geopolitical chessboard
7 September 2013
Why is Syria under attack? - Part 2
On the interests of the parties involved in the Syrian conflict and the role of the media
In the event of major military conflicts that risk considerable humanitarian and economic consequences, it is useful to examine the interests of all parties involved as well as the role that the media plays in reporting the events.
6 September 2013
Why is Syria under attack? - Part 1
Who is behind the chemical weapons attack in Syria?
On the surface it’s straightforward: the U.S. wants to liberate Syria from a brutal dictator who is attacking his own people with poison gas. But beneath the surface there is something very different going on.
5 February 2012
Fight against Damascus and Tehran a threat to Russian and Chinese interests
Not the entire world is wishing for a different Iran, although it does seem like that at times. Superpowers China and Russia are charting their own course, and in spite of their modern relationships with the West, there are still a lot of differences.
30 January 2012
Preparations for a war against Iran in full gear
News reports on Iran are now following each other in rapid succession, and together they form a new step towards a military conflict. [...] What follows is an analysis of these fast-moving developments
22 January 2012
NATO and CIA covertly arming Syrian rebels in order to weaken Iran
It is clear that all the pieces are being put into place for a war against Iran. It is a long-term project demanding many years worth of preparation, and the ultimate goal is getting closer all the time. One component of this preparation is the covert arming of Syrian rebels.
18 January 2012
Israel and the U.S.: Iran not working on a nuclear weapon
While the world is getting the impression that a war with Iran has drawn a few steps closer, representatives of Israel and the U.S. are making some remarkable statements about the Islamic Republic. These statements are remarkable in part because, at the same time, the build-up to a military confrontation would seem to be continuing apace.
10 November 2011
Iran and the West + Israel are like two trains on the same track heading straight for each other
The issue of Iran is immersed in a fog of propaganda, deception, fear and interests. Once you step out of the fog and rise above the news coverage about Iran you see that a battle is being waged on multiple fronts. It is a war about power.
8 November 2011
New steps on the road to a military conflict with Iran
The information war that is currently raging around Iran is part of the ongoing conflict with the country. It is one component of the preparations for war against Iran that have been underway for years, and which follow the template used to conquer Iraq.
8 November 2011
Politicians and the media disregard facts in Iran report
In an article responding to the report released by the IAEA CNN headlines: 'Iran developing nuclear bombs'. Media and politics worldwide make bold statements as to what to do about the Iranian 'situation'. But what are the facts? 
7 November 2011
IAEA report is a new step on the road to the next war: against Iran
Iran is once again finding itself at the top of the agenda. Pressure is being stepped up on all of the parties involved. This is a new step on the road to the next war - this one against Iran.
22 March 2010
Obama continues Bush's Iran policy - 3
The influence of the Israel Lobby on America's Iran policy
'America's Pro-Israel Lobby', as AIPAC calls itself, holds the biggest conference in its history today, yesterday and the day before in Washington. 'This year, the lobby has built its annual conference, and its entire lobbying agenda around the issue of Iran', writes Haaretz. AIPAC is very influential, and Washington fears the long arm of the lobby. One of the resources it employs is the Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence (TFI).
19 March 2010
Obama continues Bush's Iran policy - 2
The battle against Iran has already begun. War is only one phase of this process - just as it was with Iraq. The preparation is the most important part of the battle. Whoever thought that the preparation for war ended when Barack Obama took office is advised to take note of the views of critical thinker Noam Chomsky in the previous installment of this DeepJournal series. He says that Obama's policy on Iran is a continuation of the policy of his predecessor, President Bush. Anyone who cares to look at the facts will see that he is right.
16 March 2010
Obama continues Bush's Iran policy - 1
Also under President Obama Iran continues to dominate the world agenda. Iran is being presented as a crucial problem that must be solved. The Iran Problem is one with several layers. The uppermost layer is that Iran is a potential threat to world peace. What are the facts and the fiction that make up this first layer?
4 October 2009
The attack on Iran has already begun
For the first time in a year international talks are being held with Iran. The question is whether or not these talks are designed to arrive at a solution. Or do these discussions - and the sanctions which will no doubt follow - represent an uptick in the direction of a military conflict, just as was the case with Iraq?
1 September 2009
Iran - De Volgende Oorlog - DeepJournal video
Bekijk de video
Video over de mogelijke overeenkomsten tussen de zachte revoluties in Oost-Europa en de Groene Revolutie in Iran. Ook wordt duidelijk wat de reden is dat Iran onder vuur ligt van het westen plus Israël. Wat blijkt, is dat de strijd tegen Iran al is begonnen. Oorlog is daarin slechts een fase.
14 July 2009
The West and the Iranian Green Revolution - 3
With the recent voter uprising in Iran, accusations are going back and forth over possible Western support for the demonstrators. Accusations coming from the Iranian side don't sound so plausible because they are issued from an extremist regime that puts a low priority on human rights - appearances are against them. But what are the facts?
11 July 2009
The West and the Iranian Green Revolution - 2
Western interests in Iran
On the possible influence of the West in the uprising in Iran there is a difference of opinion. Some influential commentators share their vision on current affairs. In order to not be mislead by those current affairs and reach the core of the issue, in this article the three layers around the problem of Iran are exposed.
26 June 2009
The West and the Iranian Green Revolution - 1
The uprising in Iran has reminitions of non violent and violent actions by the west to overthrow governments. Is the Green Revolution entirely sponteneaous? In this article I quote from my book The Next War - The Attack on Iran - A Preview.
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